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Introduction to the

RCM Certificate Program   

For over 130 years, The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has been a leader in developing human potential through music education and the arts. Instruments that fall under the RCM Certificate Program that Solfeo offers include: Piano, Violin, Classical Guitar and cello.

The RCM program is used by over 30,000 teachers to support 500,000 students across North America. More than five million RCM alumni have built careers in a wide range of fields.

Solfeo is excited to help students take the next step in their musical journey through this engaging and rewarding program. If interested, our teachers will asses and evaluate whether a student is ready to begin RCM, or if more musical development is required before pursuing this program.

How does the RCM program work?


RCM begins with the Preparatory level, followed by levels 1 -10. Once the student has learned all the material within their level, the student will go in for an examination that will be performed for an examiner. You can either do the exam in person or online. After a successful completion of each level the student will be awarded a certificate stating they have completed the level they've taken. Long term if they stick with it and want to pursue it “professionally” they can go for their Diploma after completion of level 10!


The grading is similar to that in a regular education system 1% - 100% but here are the different classifications. 


First Class honours with Distinction    90%-100%

First Class Honours                             80%-89%

Honour                                                70%-79%

Pass                                                    60%-69%

RCM's music selections have been thoughtfully chosen by leading North American teachers to inspire and encourage students at every level. RCM repertoire includes a variety of music from all style periods to provide a wide-ranging and progressively sequenced musical experience.

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Comprehensive musical training benefits both brain structure and brain function. Just like well-exercised muscles protect the bones and joints, reduce blood pressure and increase energy levels, music education produces bigger, better-functioning brains a benefit to people of any age.

Musicianship includes ear tests, sight reading and theory, which increase music literacy.

These are important to a student's musical journey and progression.

Recognizing Achievement

Certificates, Diplomas, Awards, and High School Credits

A Certificate of Achievement can be earned at each level of study by successfully completing all the requirements for each level of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program.

The ARCT Diploma is recognized internationally and is one of the highest academic credentials awarded by The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. This is valued similarly to a bachelor's degree. As well as the LRCT diploma, which is valued similarly to a master's degree.

All examination candidates are eligible to receive Gold Medal awards from The Royal Conservatory. These awards are based on examination results. RCM examinations are often recognized for high school credits, and achievement at the higher levels has bolstered post-secondary/universities such as Harvard.

We can not say enough good things about this program!

RCM Website

Come in and talk to us for more info on RCM!

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